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Eligibility and ineligibility

In order to be able to take part in the flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol (International Emissions Trading – trading AAUs, CDM and JI) Annex I parties have to meet certain criteria called the eligibility criteria, as follows: They … Continue reading

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Government auctions of EUAs in 2011

This table shows the results of auctions of EUAs by EU governments during 2011. *The figures in brackets are the number of auctions held by the respective country. The average price achieved by the EU member states in their auctions … Continue reading

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Some background on biomethanol

Here is an interesting article on biomethanol written by Eelco Dekker and Karel Lanting of BioMCN.  It describes the chemistry, manufacture, applications and the environmental benefits.  Worth a read. It was previously published in Biofuels Technology.

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The impact of different EUA prices for airlines on the cost per passenger

Last week Delta Airlines announced the imposition of a $3 (=€2.36 at a rate today of $1.27 per €) surcharge for a transatlantic flight to cover the cost of EU allowances.  This seems to be a sensible and modest response … Continue reading

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